The mother of the missing 2-month-old baby who was searched for at dumpsters, landfills and garbage trucks is arrested

The mother was arrested on felony murder charges.


A two-month-old baby named Kyon Jones went missing on May 5, but the case was only reported to the authorities two days later.

The search was very extensive, with a huge number of officers searching various Virginia landfills that accept DC Metro trash and rummaging through dumpsters and garbage trucks servicing the DC area.

The baby has been described as “a black male infant, with brown hair and brown eyes.” Not much information had been released except for the fact that the little one was last seen on Wednesday on the 1500 Block of Benning Road NE and that his mother remains “the sole person of interest,” as per District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser.

“They are early in the investigation,” said Mayor Bowser. “She’s the only person of interest. She is not [in custody],” he said when asked about the baby’s mother on Monday, according to according to WRIC.

However, more news on the case came May 11, as ABC 13 News reported that the child’s mother confessed that she put the dead child in a dumpster after she found him not breathing. Allegedly, it was the boy’s father who reported the case of a missing child after the boy’s mom, 37-year-old Ladonia Boggs, told him he couldn’t pick him up because someone from the Child Protective Services already did so.

He got suspicious and alerted the DC’s Child and Family Services Agency and the police. When they initially confronted the mother, she stood by the claim that her child was taken away by the Services, which of course was proved right away not to be true.

Boggs was arrested on felony murder charges, but the only charges discusses at court were those related to tampering with evidence. She, however, is still facing murder charges and is expected to get back in court in November, as reported by ABC 13 News.

Cover image source: Facebook | Washington Metropolitan Police Department