Special Guest Interrupts Boy’s Performance Of ‘America The Beautiful’

The boy was so focused on playing that he completely missed the fact someone snuck onto the bench beside him.


This video depicts one family’s joy and happiness, and we believe being this close with your family members is the one of the greatest accomplishments in life. As the little boy plays the piano and sings, everyone is gathered around him and enjoy the lyrics of the song that means so much to them, “America the Beautiful.”

We can feel how close they are and how much fun they have, being all together on a special day.

However, one of the members is not around, because he’s been part of the U.S Marines and was deployed at the time his brother was treating the audience with his music talent. Or, at least that’s what the boy on the piano thought.

Being deeply concentrated on moving his fingers over the piano keys, the boy doesn’t realize that someone special is approaching closer as he gets to the line “And crown thy good with brotherhood … from sea to shining sea.”

The visitor is taking his seat on the bench next to the boy who continues playing until he takes a look over the shoulder and can’t believe his eyes.

You already assume who that special person is. The boy is overwhelmed and his reaction is the best ever.

Take a look at the priceless moment caught on the video below. But make sure you grab a tissue before proceeding. You’re definitely going to cry at this one.