She tucked herself near woman’s porch hoping for a meal

People walked by and didn't care but she hoped if she held on long enough, someone would show her kindness. But they came instead.


There is an extra special place in Heaven for people who open the doors to their hearts and their homes for animals in need.

Sadly, there are also those who abandon their pets and leave them on the streets.

Out of all dog breeds out there, Pit Bulls are considered to be most vicious. Their bad reputation is a result of human mistreatment towards them. They have been used for dog frights for so long that they now stand for aggression. But the Pit Bull from this story is fighting against this stereotype.

One day, a woman spotted a dog in a horrible condition sleeping on the trash. From what she could see, the Pit Bull was covered in mange and could barely move. She also smelled really bad.

Source: The Dodo Pittie Nation

In an attempt to try and save the dog’s life, she called animal services and told them to come as soon as possible.

When they saw her, the rescuers knew that the dog’s condition was very poor so they weren’t certain if anything could be done for her, but they knew they needed to do the best of their ability in order to save her.

One of the rescuers, Tracy, said: “Oh, she smells like she’s rotting from the inside out.” These words spoke a lot about the pain the dog was feeling.

Source: The Dodo Pittie Nation

They named the dog Lakita and took her to their facility. As no one claimed her after they shared photos of her online, they knew the poor animal was all by herself. They provided her with a medical treatment and gave her small portions of food. To everyone’s surprise, Lakita started gaining weight.

Under the pain she was going through, Lakita hid her vibrant personality, which came to light once she started feeling safe and loved by her rescuers.

Source: MisPits and Friends Rescue

Tracy took Lakita home to take care of her for some time. Once she started feeling better, the rescuers knew it was time for them to try and find the sweet dog a forever home.

They took cute photos of Lakita all dressed up and shared them with their followers along with her life story.

In no time, the perfect family came along, and today, Lakita is having a forever home and three human siblings who love her unconditionally.

Source: The Dodo Pittie Nation

What a beautiful ending!

For more on Lakita’s story go to the video below and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Maybe you’ll inspire them to adopt a dog from a local shelter.