Senior Dog Left Behind On The Streets After His Family Went Without Him


The rescue center, Hope for paws, in Los Angeles, California, got a call about this senior dog that has been abandoned on the streets.

His callous owners had moved away and just left him all on his own, to look after himself, poor dog!

The local neighbors in the area had been trying to look after him, they had been feeding him for well over a year.

JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo, volunteers at the center, came to save the little dog, they saw him lay in the grass next to the road.

Once he saw them coming he briskly jumped up and toddled to the other side of the street, he was avoiding them quite successfully.


They laid a trap by putting some food in a crate, they were trying to get him to take the bait and go inside the crate…

He was quite so obviously starving hungry, but also he was smart and he didn’t trust the crate with the tempting food placed inside it.

So they had a second try but this time they tempted him with some food from their own hands, Arturo held out some food, and happily, he actually trusted her enough to get closer.

She then quite quickly put a leash around his neck, the pup was really understandably scared, but it wasn’t long before he realized that they were actually there to help him and not to hurt him.


The called him Pumba and he was a lovely kind and gentle dog too, they took him into their car and then straight to the animal hospital.

Pumba was really enjoying his new-found love and affection, this was most likely the very first time he had felt love like this in such a long time.


There are plenty more dogs in just this same terrible position like Pumba, rescued from the streets and stuck in rescue centres, or with foster carers.

Check your local shelter and if your interested in one of these nobel and faithful creatures, and you can dedicate to them what they need, you can make a dog just like Pumba feel secure, safe and loved.

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