Scumbag filmed dragging 79-year-old woman to the floor during robbery

The poor woman was pulled to the floor and her arm got broken during the robbery.


Every time I hear stories of elderly and vulnerable people being victims of thugs and getting hurt along the way makes my heart break into million pieces. Sadly, they are easy target, just like the 79-year-old lady who got dragged violently and was lifted off her feat and then pulled to the ground.

The wrongdoer attacked the elderly lady because he wanted to steal her purse. After she found herself lying on the ground, terrified and helpless, he ran away with his prey.

Now, the police at Kettering police department, in the UK, are trying to track the thief down. They have released a CCTV footage of the gruesome act that left many in disbelief of how cruel someone can be.

The video has gone viral and was spread all over the social media. Speaking of it, Detective Constable Paul Bates said: “Many people will be shocked by the CCTV footage we have released today and rightly so.”

“This lady, like everyone else, should be able to go about her business and feel safe. Her attacker has taken that feeling of safety away from her and it is imperative that he is identified and brought to justice.”

The poor lady ended up with a broken arm that would take a lot of time to heal. Sadly, she will no longer feel safe in her hometown, and neither the rest of the citizens.

As per Metro, the police is doing their best to bring the cruel person to justice as soon as possible.