School recalls yearbook after realizing student’s quote has a deeper, very sexual meaning.

Ha, did he really think he would get away with it?


Before you leave your mark in the real world, you leave your legacy printed in the yearbook. No matter if you were the coolest person in high school, or a real nerd who only cared for getting straight A’s, it eventually all fades away, but the quote you choose to stand there proudly under your graduation photo is there, well, pretty much forever. Some students choose words of wisdom, others try to be witty, and those like this person named Jordan opted for something pretty inappropriate. And now we can’t help but wonder, how the hell did this quote passed and got published.

Before the school even noticed what slipped through their fingers, a redditor that goes by the name Bwawo posted it online. The school then yanked out the yearbooks from the students, but we guess it was way too late as it’s already everywhere.

They had to recall all yearbooks at my school

The redditors say how the yearbooks still on sale were recalled, and if it wasn’t for this guy who shared the quote with the whole world, Jordan would have probably gotten away with it.

There are a bunch of other students who really nailed it when choosing the photo and the quote to be remembered for. Check this guy’s from a few years back. Subtle, indeed.

Subtle yearbook quote

Thank you Carlisle High School for teaching me friendship, understanding, community, kindness, youth, optimism, and unity.