Rambunctious Husky Daddy Meets His 9 Pups For First Time – Outcome Doesn’t Disappoint

He's such a proud dad!


As we all know there is nothing sweeter than puppies, imagine the joy of having nine of them at home. 

A Husky mommy gave birth to a litter of cute babies who spend their days playing and running around the house. But the best thing is that someone special joins their routine of having fun; their Husky daddy. 

Dash got to see his offspring for the very first time after they turned six weeks old. 

At first, he’s looking at them in awe and can’t believe they are all his babies. He loves seeing them go back and forth the place and enjoy themselves. But as observing isn’t really that fun, he decides to join in the game. It’s more than obvious how this proud dad loves the time he gets to spend around the naughty puppies. 

Dash really wants for the pups to accept him as one of them and does his best for the babies to love him back and include him in their group. As he’s trying to bond with the little ones, the mommy, Kitana, walks around and makes sure no one gets hurt or something. 

Once they run out of stamina from hanging around, they go to their mom to have some milk and take a rest. 

This amazing family really is the sweetest out there.

Take a look at them spending pleasurable time together.