Quick-thinking daughter calls 911 pretending to order pizza to save her mother

At this point, the sender realized something was wrong. Then a police car was dispatched to the location provided by Tiffany....


A young lady from Oregon, named Tiffany Urban, was a witness of something no child should ever see. Her mother was abused by her boyfriend who was extremely violent.

Afraid for her mother’s life, Tiffany knew she needed to act quickly if she wanted to stop something tragic from taking place. Then, she thought of a clever idea and prayed for it to work. She took the phone and called 911 pretending she was ordering pizza.

“You called 911 to order a pizza?” the dispatche said as he told her she had the wrong number.

“No, no, no. You’re not understanding…,” the young lady replied. She then proceeded to give her address and her phone number.

At this point, the dispatcher knew something was wrong. He was trained to sense when something serious is going on and sent officers at Tiffany’s address.

Unfortunately, her mom was already severely beaten by her boyfriend. He punched her several times and wasn’t planning to stop. However, had it not been for Tiffany’s quick-thinking, things could have ended up tragic.

The police took the violent boyfriend to custody.

The good thing was that the dispatcher underwent specialized training to respond to such emergency calls, which isn’t the case with all dispatchers. Most of them never get any training at all.

We hope the state would consider changing their policy and would start offering the much needed trainings for 911 dispatchers.

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