Queen Invites Meghan’s Mom to Royal Christmas

This is unprecedented, but really sweet.


The name of Doria Ragland became well known to all of us since her daughter Meghan became a Duchess and got married to the most eligible bachelor of Britain at that time, Prince Harry.

A source close to the Buckingham Palace told Express that Her Majesty The Queen has invited Doria to attend this years Christmas celebration at the Sangringham country estate, Norfolk, along with the rest of the royal family. This wouldn’t be awkward if we know that the rest of the in-laws, Kate’s parents, haven’t been invited.

Reportedly, 62-year-old Doria who works as a social worker for the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services clinic in LA, has started preparing for her stay in England.

The unnamed royal source believes that the invite hasn’t been extended to Kate Middleton’s family but to Meghan’s only because it’s a practical gesture for the family’s only foreign-born and raised member. The source says, “It’s a mark of the Queen’s respect for Meghan and an acknowledgment that she doesn’t have any other relations in this country – unlike Kate who has the support of a very close family.”

While we believe that this makes sense, we hope there will be no hard feelings involved and that this won’t cause tension between the Queen and Prince William. Although the Middletons have attended Christmas church services with the royal family, they haven’t spent a holiday in the palace.

We believe that this invite is a nice gesture because Meghan’s mother lives in another country and the two don’t get to spend time together, so this will be a perfect chance for the family to get closer.

In order to learn more, please take a look at the video below.