11-Month-Old Twins Keep Making Each Other Laugh, But Keep Your Eye On The Baby In Blue

Now keep your eye on the baby on the left - I can't stop laughing either!


The bond between twins is like no other. There are many documentaries and research that claim twins have the power to feel each other’s pain, as well as happiness. Many times, their relationship is endowed with extraordinary, telepathic, qualities.

Having a twin means having a friend for life. You can always have someone to rely on, even during the toughest of times. But what’s more, you will also have someone to laugh together with, such as these two adorable babies who melted our hearts.

The only thing they need in order to have a good laugh is to look at each other, and that’s it. Their laughter is so loud and contagious that it makes us join in. Their parents must be really happy to have such joyful children.

It’s so entertaining how they simply can’t stop the laughter while tapping on the floor with their tiny hands. Oh boy, these two know how to have fun.

Take a look at the video below and enjoy the giggle-fest.