Man Finds Smallest Bird Egg He Has Ever Seen And Brings It To Life

He found the tiny egg in a small nest that had fallen in his back yard and wondered what kind of bird would come from such small egg. That's when he thought he would try to save its life.


Every life is worth saving, even when it comes from the smallest egg you have ever seen.

When the guy who runs the YouTube channel A Chick Called Albert was alerted of something that had fallen in the neighbor’s  backyard, he could never assume he will come across something so unusual. Two extremely tiny eggs in a nest. Once he took them in his hands he though it would be nice if he take them home and try to nurture them, so they eventually hatch.

To be honest, he didn’t really think this would work out, but he still decided to give it a go.

The experienced man incubated the eggs and made sure he checks on them quite often. He was wondering if by any chance, a bird is hatched, how would he take care of it. Looking at the eggs, it was obvious the birds would be extremely tiny as well.

On the fourth day, the man used a light to check for a life, and he was stunned to see an embryo in one of the eggs. A new life was developing right in front of his eyes, and he was eager to see what the bird would look like.

And, there it was, the day when the egg finally hatched. He was satisfied, knowing he was the one who made it happen.

At first, he was totally confused and had no idea what and how to feed this little baby. And that’s when he got it. He recalls that for the first time in his life he said to himself, “Thank God the roses have lice” and quickly rushed to the garden to take some. The bird seemed to enjoy the meal, and it was so hungry that it asked for food every ten minutes.

He then fed it mosquitoes and other insects, and the tiny bird started growing feathers and grew stronger with every passing day.

The time for it to be released was coming closer, and we are so happy it was given a chance to live.

Check the video below to see how the bird looks like now. Make sure you share this lovely story with your family and friends. You may even want to subscribe to the YouTube channel for more cute and amazing animal stories.