Doctors Sing Parody Of Classic Hit While Holding Back Giggles

These doctors have me laughing so hard.


If you haven’t heard of the condition called “laryngospasm” let us tell you that it’s a sudden spasm of the vocal cords which prevents the person affected to speak or breath properly. Now, if you think this is something frightening, you are right.

But a group of four certified registered nurse anesthetists though it would be fun if they perform medically-themed parody songs under the funny-sounding name of “Laryngospasm”, and it might be the best thing you’ve seen and heard so far.

The founder of the group is anesthetist Gary Cozine who finds inspiration for the hilarious music they perform in their everyday life as medical staff. They tried to replace the fear related to their group’s name with laughter, and they did just the right thing.

These cool guys tell us that no matter how serious and important their job is, it doesn’t mean they can’t some fun along the way.

Their latest performance is taking the Internet by storm.


The group was formed way back, while the members were studying for their nursing degrees. They performed for the first time in front of attendees at the student’s Christmas party at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia ten years ago.

Wanting to relieve the stress of the exams, the talented medical musicians sang a parody of Neil Sedaka’s popular song ‘Breaking Up Is Hard To Do’ which they renamed into ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do.’ Not only they sang perfectly, but they also rocked their outfits consisting of their scrubs and microphones.

The audience was cheering in laughter and everyone was amazed by the hilarious performance.


Now, we are happy to announce that the group is singing the song again, and even shots an official video for it. Again, dressed in their working outfits, in an operating theater they borrowed, The Laryngospasms give us a once in a lifetime experience. They are definitely the best performers of parody songs. You may even check their YouTube channel for more amazing videos.


Watch the video below to see the incredible performance for yourself!