Woman in labor notices doctor is acting weird – Then looks down at his feet and freezes in shock

Woman in labor notices doctor is acting weird – Then looks down at his feet and freezes in shock


Those nine months of pregnancy are pretty memorable and exciting part of every woman’s life because that’s when she gets to prepare for the big arrival of her child. Even though many mothers-to-be fear the actual act of delivering the baby, the doctors do everything in their power to ease the labor pain using kind and encouraging words along with the epidural.

However, one woman from Las Vegas, Alex Sims, shares her story and it gives us chills. What was supposed to be one of her best days of life, turned into an awful experience.

When she arrived at the Sunrise Hospital, she was told that Dr. Frank DeLee would help her deliver her baby. Unfortunately, they soon realized the doctor was intoxicated.

Alex’s mother said how she could smell alcohol in the doctor’s breath. That was pretty concerning, knowing he was about to attend a delivery. During a conversation with his staff, he told them how he had just got from a bar straight into the delivery room.

“I smelled alcohol,” Sheree recalled. “That’s what preceded the conversation about him coming from the bar. Because I said, ‘Oh, he smells like alcohol.’”

When Alex started complaining how the epidural started wearing off, the doctor started calling her names and didn’t do anything to help her with the unbearable pain she was experiencing. That’s when the mother took her phone out and started recording the whole thing.

Those who have seen the footage were shocked. No one could believe that a doctor on the job could act like that. His behavior was unprofessional.

“Wasn’t that many people in the bar when I left,” he told one of the nurses.

“I’m sorry. Did you waste a drink?” she asked.

The most shocking of all is that doctor DeLee was wearing shorts and was barefoot which can be clearly seen from the footage.

“I kept telling the doctor, ‘I can feel everything. I think the epidural wore off,’” Alex recalled. “And he’s like, ‘Oh just scoot your fat ass down,’ and, ‘Oh, I bet you wish your doctor would have came back in town.’”

“It was just jaw-dropping,” she said later. “I just couldn’t fathom why all this was going on in the midst of me having a child.”

Alex is now suing the doctor for negligence. The nurses are not spared because they are the ones who should have intervened once they realized the doctor was drunk. She and her mom want to make sure he won’t hurt any other woman in the future.

“Someone needs to be accountable,” she said. “And I just feel like, if I don’t speak up for my child, who will?”