Puppy rescued from puppy mill is introduced to a friend to signal a ‘new beginning’

They are both happy and very much loved.


It’s fair to say that the rough past these adorable furry friends shared was what brought them together.

Ruggles is a Shih Tzu that was saved from a puppy mill a year ago. Being very tiny and fragile, his life would be in great danger if the kind rescuers didn’t take him out of the horrific place. But once out and free, Ruggles’ vibrant personality came to light. Soon, everyone understood he was the friendliest dog they’ve ever rescued.

Over time, Ruggles made friends with another rescue animal, even tinier kitten named Chompers. The two were looking forward to every play date and wouldn’t leave each other’s side. What’s most, both of them found their forever homes.

The shelter under whose care these two were placed had a plan to place them together, but that couldn’t work out. Chompers became too rough with Ruggles and due to his health condition they were adopted separately.

And while Chompers leads a quieter life, Ruggles became the official ambassador for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and is involved in various activities among which teaching young children about puppy mills and the importance of adopting over buying animals.