Officer Reads Note Given To Him By Mom In A Walmart Bag, He Desperately Searches To Find Her


Michael Wayne, a SWAT officer at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was at work at Wednesday 9th August, sat in his police car when a woman came over to him carrying two Walmart bags. Shameka Batiste, the woman carrying the bags, seemed a little unsure and nervous as she gave him some treats out if the bags.

Wayne was delighted to be given two bananas, a litre of coke and a huge sandwich with a sweet note, hand written, attached to the receipt.
Wayne wrote this in what was to be a viral Facebook post:

“The note thanked me for choosing to be who I am and said that her (10-year-old) son Rashad wanted to be a SWAT Officer one day”

He was so touched by the kindness of that woman that he desperately searched the parking lot until he had found Shameka and they had a good chin wag together. They talked about Wayne’s 9 year career and Shameka told how she teaches the children not to see the color of people.

She really praised the people of law and law enforcement officers and her experiences with them, and Wayne said their meeting ended on common ground.

Wayne said:

“We exchanged several long hugs … she told me to stay safe and that she loved me”

After such a wonderful moment, he could not wait to meet Shameka’s son.
Many days later the officer met Rashad and learnt that the young boy sells cakes to help people in need. Wayne was touched again by the boy’s actions and not only donated $40 to his charity “Baby Bears Bundts”, but he also gave him a Star badge to put on and told him how happy he was to have met them both.

“I have much love for Shameka and Rashad, and I look forward to building a wonderful relationship with their family” … “Love over hate…”

In a another different Facebook post, Shameka shared the same feelings, and according to her, love really does always win.

“Take a stand against the hate & anger!” she wrote. “Share your love today!”

Please share to inspire others to show their appreciation for those who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.

Peace and Love

Bored Daddy