Pregnant woman leaves judges breathless with Whitney classic

She certainly gave them something they will remember for a very long time.


Take a second and think how many times it has happened for you to judge someone based on their physical appearance. I guess that no matter how kind and nice we are, we do make assumptions about people we know nothing about. That has to be in the humans nature. I also believe that most of the times, we turn to be completely wrong and feel bad for misjudging certain group or individuals.

This is yet another example of why we should never judge a book by its cover because people are way more than what their looks say about them.

When this mother-to-be took the stage of the X-Factor Ukraine all eyes were on her. Many, including some of the judges believed she shouldn’t even be there considering her ‘situation.’ Yes, she did look as though she was about to deliver that baby very soon, but why would that be an obstacle towards the path of her possible success. 



Being aware of the situation, this 25-year-old contestant was determined to prove evil minded people wrong. She was about to hit that stage and shine and even get all of the thumbs up. Very confident in herself, she chose to perform one of Whitney Houston’s songs, which honestly only added to the anticipation of whether this will be one of those performances worth getting all the yeses. 

Once her voice filled the air with the lyrics of “I Have Nothing,” everyone was getting even more certain how this was going to be a performance to remember. She sounded awesome, despite the little bundle pushing up against her diaphragm. 



Opting to sing Whitney’s song in front of the judges who get paid to be brutally honest and tell you what’s wrong with your singing and all those improvements you need to do for your next performance, in case you get the chance to return once again, is pretty brave.

Those high notes typical for Whitney are really challenging to carry and require plenty of deep belly breaths. Now imagine trying to nail them while carrying a baby that’s taking up all your extra oxygen. But it seemed as though that little bundle was the reason this mommy sang so well. We hope her child will grow up to be one of her most loyal fans in case she decides to pursue a career in the music industry. 



The audience and all of the judges became aware of the powerful vocal she possesses so they greeted her with loud ovations and even louder applause. This includes that one judge who looked as though he wasn’t approving of her taking the stage while pregnant.

She managed to make everyone’s day and put huge smile on everyone’s face. We wish she achieves everything she puts her mind to and be as successful as on this stage. 

This child will be happy to be having such a brave and determined mother.