Kind runners step in to help girl on competing team

No one could have imagined something like this would ever happen.


Life isn’t always about winning. When you think about it, it’s more about what kind of people we turn to be along the way. Because getting a medal or a ribbon in a competition will never have the same value of becoming a real life hero for a random person you meet on your way to success. 

A girl named Madeline Adams was excited to be taking part in the ACC Women’s Cross Country Championship, but little did she know that that day would turn into one she will never forget. 

She put a lot of time and sweat in getting physically fit and was determined to end up first, but her body had other plans. 



She did great during the whole race, but just as she was about to get to the finish line she started feeling strange and lost her strength. 

She later told CBS News what really happened during the race:

“I was running the race of my life. I was doing incredibly well. I was coming up that hill (to the finish line), I started to feel really fatigued. All of a sudden, I get this wave that comes over me and my legs just truly gave out from underneath me. I had no control. I really don’t remember falling, I remember being on the ground and being like, ‘why am I on the ground? Get up.'”

She wouldn’t feel her legs as a pang of exhaustion hit her body. She was way too weak to continue, so she simply collapsed. 

The rest of the competitors continued running without even turning their head towards Madeline. 

But then, one of them, a very amazing young lady named Evie Tate from Clemson stepped in as she couldn’t simply continue racing knowing a girl was on the ground struggling to move an inch. She tried carrying Madeline by herself but that was impossible for she was way too heavy for one person to lift her. luckily, that’s when another girl, Rachel Pease from Louisville stopped and offered to help. Now both Evie and Rahel pulled Madeline from the ground wanting to finish the race carrying her to the finish line. 


Madeline is very grateful for the support and the help she was offered by these kind-hearted girls. 

“The great part that comes out of this is there are two amazing girls that helped me, who are completely selfless and just amazing people with amazing character.”

Unfortunately, Madeline didn’t get to the finish line because doctors approached and provided her with the help she needed so badly. 



Madeline says how this race was the toughest ever, but it taught her that there are still good people out there who really care for the well-being of others. 

We should all follow Evie and Rachel’s example.