Police horse spots a jazz band playing on the street and starts dancing

What a beautiful thing to witness.


There is no arguing that horses are one of the most gracious creatures there are. Elegant and friendly, they make perfect pets for those living in areas where they can take care of them and let them run as much and as long as they want.

On top of that, horses are also part of a number of police departments and are often used during demonstrations and riots as they allow officers to have better visibility of what is going on.

Source: YouTube screenshot

An officer and his horse from Louisiana stole the hearts of many after they stumbled upon a jazz band playing life on the street. The rhythm was catchy and the horse couldn’t help but start dancing to the surprise of everyone watching.

The good thing is that someone thought of capturing the amazing sight on a video which went viral and received thousands of likes and comments all for the right reasons.

Well, it’s not every day that we see a horse dancing.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The officer follows the rhythm as well. He and his horse not only make great work companions, but also awesome dance partners.

Many were amazed with this dance performance and took their time to comment. One person highlighted the fact that Louisiana is considered the luckiest state and wrote: “I can see now why people from Louisiana love their state so much. What a fantastic scene! The music, the dancing… I love the way the officer never loses composure during the whole thing, he really just lets his horse be the real performer.”

Another person added: “Only in New Orleans!!! Thank you so much for posting! The most unique city in our country!! Fabulous food, music, history and the friendliest people on earth!!”

Source: YouTube screenshot

Please note that this took place before the pandemic.

The video is a must watch. Check it out below.