9-year-old girl shot by neighbor dies in her father’s arms – Her last words were “Dad, I’ve been killed”

Rest in peace, Felicia. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family that is going through immense pain.


9-year-old girl named Felicia Kononchuk from Russia was shot in the head with a 12 caliber hunting rifle by her family’s neighbor, 33-year-old Vasily Dunets.

Before the shooting took place, Felicia posted a TikTok video explaining that she and her little brother were home alone as their father went to the shop to quickly grab something and the neighbor was knocking on their door without stopping.

“We have a neighbour here, drunk, knocking on our door, breaking it,” Felicia said in the video. “Shouting obscene words. I’m just scared… He is totally… I’m scared… My dad went to the shop. I don’t know what to do, he will just break our door now and that’s it. I’m very scared, my heart is beating… He’s been knocking for about an hour. It’s tough… My youngest brother just hid…”

Eventually, the banging on the door stopped, and Felicia’s father, Fyodor, returned home. Felicia felt relieved. Shortly after, however, someone knocked on the door and the girl thought it was her friend whom she was waiting to arrive. But just as she opened the door, drunk Vasily fired a a rain of bullets and shot Felicia in the head. The girl fell down and her last words were, “Dad, I’ve been killed.”

Speaking of the tragedy, Felicia’s father told The Sun: “I took her in my arms and shouted to my son and the repair workers to call an ambulance. My daughter died in my arms. When the ambulance arrived, I carried her to them but the doctors said that she had no chance to survive.”

Felicia was described as “so cheerful and bright” by her heartbroken mother Alena. Everyone who knew her said she was a vibrant girl loved by her family and her friends.

It has been reported that the family was in a good relationship with the killer neighbor until he started complaining of the noise caused by the workers who were doing some repairs in the house. Rumors are that Fyodor kicked Vasily during their scuffles a few days before. At the time, Fyodor was reported to have told the killer to go home and get some sleep as he was very drunk.

The killer has been arrested and is facing life in prison.

Rest in peace, Felicia. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family that is going through immense pain.

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