Photographer gives birth to different-color twin babies – teaches them to love their differences

Meet Kamis and Kachi, twins with different skin color.


Every child is special in their own way. But some are a bit more exceptional, just like this pair of twins named Kamis and Kachi. If you wonder what is unique about them, it’s their skin color. While Kamis is dark-skinned, his sister Kachi is totally white.

Their mother, Nigerian-Canadian photographer Judith Nwokocha, shared the brother and sister’s story along with some cool photos of them and they became sort of celebrities.

Speaking to The Epoch Time, Judith recalled how she knew she was carrying twins, even when the doctors told her she was having only one baby. Later, when it was determined she was having two babies, doctors assumed the siblings would be born with Down Syndrome.

The twins, however, were welcomed into the world perfectly healthy, with baby Kachi having white skin. “I was shocked- I thought they had handed me somebody else’s baby, I didn’t believe she was mine,” the mother said.

At the beginning, she had a hard time accepting that her children were different.

“Gradually, worry turned to sadness and I started questioning God, wondering why he would put me in such a situation. I worried about her future, how society would treat her, how she’ll be accepted… 

“I envied other black babies and thought, ‘Why me? Why was I the one to have an albino baby? How did I get black and white twins?”‘


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Over time, she learned how to focus on the positive side and that was that her baby was happy and healthy, and that was all that mattered.

“I began to see the beauty in her condition. I began to admire her gold hair, her brown eyes, her pink lips and everything about her,” the mom wrote for Love What Matters.

“I noticed how attractive she was to people whenever I took them out. People admired her a lot and she is usually the one who gets all the attention.”

And yes, she says that her girl looks exactly like her.


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This loving mother teaches her daughter that being different is a good thing and tells her not to be affected by the stares from random strangers she meets on the steet.

“It took me a while to realize I’m going to be raising an albino- I was really concerned about what people were going to say, it’s not a very usual thing to have an albino and a black baby,” Judith said.

“I was also sad, I was worried about how she is going to go through society, how people are going to treat her.

“I’m not sure she’s aware of her uniqueness at the moment, but eventually she’ll know, and it’s my responsibility to educate her and teach her to love herself no matter what.”

Kamis and Kachi are not only a brother and a sister, but also best friends who love spending time together. They don’t feel like they are different from one another, because they may not share the same skin color, but they definitely share many traits and love the same things.

We say they are very beautiful the way they are, each on their own way.

For more on the story check out the video below.