The coronavirus pandemic that is still shaking the world has changed the way we have lived during these last couple of months. With the lock-downs and curfews, people are forced to stay home and spend more time with their families. And being surrounded by those we love the most is what is helping us overcome the situation easier.

For an elderly couple from Israel the isolation from the rest of the people and staying home seems to be filled with fun. As the wife couldn’t visit the hair saloon, her husband was there to help her stay as beautiful as she already is. What he did? He dyed her hair. Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve heard all day?

Luckily, their grandson was there to snap a photo of the two.


The cute image that has gone viral was posted on Facebook with the following caption: “These are my 92-year-old grandparents (we will be healthy). In any situation, my grandfather takes care that my grandmother will feel well-groomed. You don’t see things like this every day.”

People shared it further and commented how it showed what true love looks like, and we can’t agree more.

It also showed us that instead of complaining how we are forced to stay home and how bored we are being around our family for days, we should use that time to bond even further, just like these two lovebirds do.

One person wrote: “One of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen in the last period. I wish for everyone such love… A generation that knows how to love and give for real. May they be blessed with health”

Another commented: “To think how much this amazing couple has passed in decades together – wars, stressed financial periods, medical problems and still stayed together – Food for thought for all of us. Health, a sea of love and longevity for this amazing couple.”

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