‘Permission granted’: Officer’s tear-jerking first salute from grandpa

Get ready for the tears.


The grandparents are the ones who are the greatest support in the life of their grandchildren. They know how to spoil them rotten, be there for them whenever they need a helping hand, and are equally proud of their successes as the parents.

The below video is a heart-melting moment shared between a grandpa and his loving granddaughter. It was posted on Reddit, and people are struggling to hold their tears back.

In the emotional moment, the Marine officer is receiving her first salute, and it comes by the grandpa, who says,  “Staff Sgt. Williams, requests permission, ma’am, to hug his granddaughter, 2nd Lt. Charlotte Williams.”

“Permission granted,” the lieutenant says before hugging her grandfather, thus making us all cry tears of joy, including the guy in the back who tries to play it off like it’s no big deal.

Dave Williams/YouTube

The video was released on YouTube in 2013, but it is still one of the greatest we’ve ever seen. The grandpa, James Williams, is a retired Marine staff sergeant himself, and he is proud of his granddaughter’s accomplishment, and very happy because she chose to follow in his footsteps.

The scene took place in front of the crowd at the National museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia.

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