People shocked after McDonald’s employee shares how the chain makes scrambled eggs

‘I’m never eating eggs again.’


If you are a lover of McDonald’s scrambled eggs you’ll reconsider ordering them again after learning how they are prepared, or you may simply love the process and consume them even more.

A server shared a video on TikTok that showed the preparation process and people’s opinions are divided. While some are pleasantly surprised with the freshness of the ingredients, some question the steps. Overall, the reactions are positive.

@kallme.yaniii | TikTok

The video, posted by user @kallme.yaniii unveils the steps required. Of course, this is a video of her branch, but we assume the process is the same in every restaurant of the chain.

The process begins with a rectangular grill, where a layer of butter is spread before liquid egg from a McDonald’s carton is poured on. As Yanii scrambles the eggs on the grill, viewers get an up-close look at the preparation.

I just learnt how to make scrambled eggs at McDonald’s, so don’t pick on me,” Yanii says in the video, playfully highlighting her less-than-graceful ability.

The video has been seen by thousands of people, most of which took their time to comment. However, while some loved the process, there were also those who had certain remarks. “Honestly? That’s better than I assumed. I’m good with that,” someone who approved of the process commented. “More heat, less scrambling,” someone wrote of the cooking technique.

@kallme.yaniii This is how we make #scrambledeggs at #mcdonalds #fyp #ChewTheVibes #viral #foryou ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

This video comes as a part of broader trend of restaurant workers posting behind the scenes footage of how the food is actually prepared. Previous instances of McDonald’s cooking processes have sparked similar debates among customers.

The varied reactions to McDonald’s scrambled eggs highlight the importance of transparency in the food industry. It also sparks a discussion about evolving customer expectations regarding ingredient sourcing and preparation methods. As social media continues to be a platform for employee insights and consumer dialogue, fast-food chains may face increasing pressure to address concerns and provide clarity as their ‘secrets’ are revealed.

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