One drink you should not order at McDonald’s, according to employee

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If you are one of those people who find McDonald’s to be their favorite place to eat and have some coffee, you may reconsider your next drink order.

An anonymous employee at the fast-food franchise shared something terrifying about McCafe machines; that they are being neglected, which sadly leads to highly unsanitary conditions unsuitable for numerous activities, particularly making beverages. The employee added that the McCafe machines have layers of filth, with “5+ inches of uncleaned, liquid making up its inside parts.”

The managements has been alerted of this issues, but not much has been done so far. Unfortunately, the situation with this machines as it is poses potential health hazards for customers.

The new employees are not provided with adequate training on how to maintain these machines and keep them clean, which adds to the problem.

Of course, certain locations adhere to regular cleaning routines for the McCafe machines, but inconsistencies do exist throughout the chain.

These inconsistencies in sanitation practices highlight the much-needed standardized cleaning protocols that would safeguard customer well-being.

Under the comments section of the post in which the employee spoke of the famous McCafe machines, other people who have worked for McDonald’s had their say, and most of them confirmed what the initial poster wrote and added some more concerning information. “The milkshake machine is not cleaned every day. The fountain drink dispenser is also rarely cleaned properly,” one person wrote.

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McDonald’s wrote on their website that “Strict food safety standards and protocols are embedded in everything we do, from food sourcing, menu development, packaging and distribution to the running of our restaurants.” Their website further states, “We are embracing technology and working closely with our suppliers and expert partners to improve efficiency and reduce risks.”

Prioritizing quality, cleanliness, and safety is essential when exploring the choices the coffee market offers.

By acknowledging the issues with McCafe machines and taking decisive measures to address these concerns, McDonald’s can offer a cleaner, safer, and more reputable coffee experience for everyone.

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