Demystifying the mysterious traffic sign: The national speed limit

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For safe traveling, drivers need to be familiar with the meaning of the traffic signs. But, do you know what the white circular sign with a black diagonal stripe stands for?

If you have ever stumbled upon it while on the road and questions its meaning, we provide you with the answer.

The traffic sign in question indicates the maximum speed you should follow on the upcoming stretch of road, superseding any previous speed limit signs you may encountered.

Recognizing the significance of following speed limits is essential for road safety. This sign, which displays the national speed limit, informs drivers of the maximum speed they should observe on the designated road segment. It contributes to overall safety and facilitates a steady flow of traffic.

No matter what other speed limits you’ve seen, the national speed limit displayed by this sign is the one to follow. This clear and consistent message helps eliminate confusion and ambiguity for drivers.


Having said that, this sign helps prevent accidents caused by excessive speeding and allows drivers to plan their journeys accordingly. Remember, adhering to the national speed limit is essential for ensuring the safety of yourself and others on the road.

With a clearer understanding of this symbol’s significance, you can now navigate the roads with confidence. Remember to drive responsibly, follow the national speed limit, and have a safe and pleasant journey!

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