What are the odd lines on Biden’s face that have appeared in recent days?

What are the odd lines on Biden’s face that have appeared in recent days?


Biden and Trump “clashed” in Atlanta for a studio debate hosted by CNN on Thursday night, held without an audience. As expected, Democrats and Republicans have offered contrasting perspectives on both candidates, and the debate’s lasting impact is yet to unfold. Biden’s somewhat shaky performance appeared to attract the most attention once the debate came to an end.

In fact, the current president’s re-run for the White House becomes a central point of discussion having in mind he would be 86 by the time a potential second term concludes. Concerns about his ability to fulfill the duties of the highest office in the land effectively have also been raised.

During the debate, Biden faced difficulties right from the start, with his hoarse and raspy voice prompting immediate questions about his physical health. Similar to several recent public appearances, Biden was also observed frequently clearing his throat throughout the debate.

Political consultant and pollster Frank Luntz posted on X that a focus group of undecided voters who watched the debate with him expressed surprise and concern about Biden’s voice, noting that “this doesn’t bode well for questions about his health.”

Further, concerns were raised regarding the conspicuous lines on his face, which could be seen running from his mouth to his ears.

In the time when Biden’s health is questions almost daily, transparency from the White House regarding his medical conditions and treatments remains crucial. What’s most, as he faces the challenges of leadership, his capacity to maintain his health while meeting the demands of his office will continue to be a subject of ongoing discussion and scrutiny.

After many questioned the reason behind the marks on his face, the White House has provided an explanation, stating that these mysterious lines are due to the use of a sleep apnea treatment mask, more precisely, the mask’s straps that hold it in place.

Of course, these marks are not permanent and fade over time, thus they are not related to any possible health issues.

President Biden prioritizes his health by promptly addressing medical conditions, as evidenced by his use of a sleep apnea treatment mask to maintain productivity.

He also undergoes regular medical check-ups and consultations with healthcare professionals to monitor his well-being, ensuring he can effectively fulfill his responsibilities as President.

As the oldest serving President, concerns about Biden’s health and his capacity to fulfill his duties persist. However, his proactive management of health and dedication to addressing medical conditions underscore his commitment to effective leadership.

While his advanced age may pose certain challenges, it should not overshadow President Biden’s wealth of experience, wisdom, and capability. As he continues to navigate the demands of leadership, discussions about his health should not detract from the focus on his policies and the positive impact he aims to achieve for the American people.

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