Owners build mobile bed for 16-year-old senior dog so she can enjoy the beach

What a thoughtful idea ❤


Our dogs are our world! They are not just pets but members of the family and the only creatures who love us more than they love themselves. Having all this in mind, it’s truly heart-melting to see owners giving back to the dogs the same amount of love, friendship, and dedication.

Tom Antonino from Georgia had no idea that what he and his wife did for their dog, a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Cocoa, would become a story worth sharing with everyone on the Internet.

Namely, Cocoa reached 16 and had troubles walking and doing the things she used to enjoy doing, like taking long walks and running in the park.

Source: Facebook/Carrie Copenhaver

However, her inability to walk didn’t prevent her human mom and dad from taking her with them wherever they went. So, how did they do it?

Well, Tom came up with the idea to construct a mobile bed for Cocoa. All he needed was an old bed, some tires, and a little knowledge on engineering.

“We had rope and a bed, and we’d bring her out,” Tom told WTKR.

The beautiful story of Cocoa and the love she received from her owners during her old days went viral when a woman named Carrie Copenhaver stumbled upon the dog and her family while they were taking her out to “enjoy the smells of the ocean.” Carrie snapped a photo and shared it on Facebook along with the caption: “I had to stop & express my love for his extraordinary care … compassion, kindness, love. I need more people like this in my life.”

In a matter of days, the photo was shared over 55,000 times and people were amazed by the treatment Cocoa received.

Tom, who doesn’t have a Facebook account, was stunned to learn that his pet became famous on the social media.

Sadly, Cocoa died of old age, but she had a life worth living, surrounded by people who went above and beyond to make her days enjoyable. Rest in peace, beautiful creature!