Owner tearfully reunites with his stolen dog two days before he was scheduled to be euthanized!

The senior dog sensed that his end was near - so he hung his head and gave up. But then he heard a familiar voice & lifted his head.


I can’t even imagine the pain a man named Barry Gearhart experienced after his beloved Pit Bull Titan was stolen a year ago. He was looking for his pet everywhere, but to no avail.

In the meantime, animal control officers came across a sad looking Pit Bull and took him to a shelter. Everyone was aware that the senior dog had little chance of getting adopted, but they gave the idea a try. After some time, a family decided to give the dog that the shelter named Hank a home. Sadly, Hank didn’t turn out to be the pet they were looking for despite the shelter staff provided behavioral and socialization training for him. He wasn’t playful, so they decided to take him back to the shelter. There, Hank was labeled a “failure.”

Source: YouTube/ WPBF 25 News

Mere days before Hank was about to be euthanized, one of the shelter employees stumbled upon a photo shared by Barry begging for help for his dog to be found. The dog on the photo, Titan, resembled Hank a lot. Was it possible for it to be the same dog? The employee decided to check that out and contacted Barry who rushed to the shelter as soon as he could.

It took seconds for Barry to recognize his dog. Hank, or Titan, showed emotions for the first time since he got to the shelter. The dog was as excited as Barry and their reunion was one of the most touching we’ve ever seen.

The shelter staff couldn’t believe how a dog that was sad and deprived could turn into a vibrant one in just seconds after reuniting with his owner.

Source: YouTube/ WPBF 25 News

Thankfully, Barry and Titan are now together.

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