Serviceman allowed to fly home to see his newborn baby – His 2-year-old son sees him showing up at the door

This has to be one of the most precious encounters between a son and a father.


Videos of military men and women reuniting with their loved ones after long months of deployment are the most heartwarming ones. They show the sacrifice these people make for the well-being of their people and the safety of their country.

National Guard sergeant John Foreth was deployed to the Middle East and was unable to see his family for a very long time. When the time came for his baby daughter to be born, he wasn’t allowed to travel back home so he watched the delivery on camera. Luckily, just a day after, Foreth was granted a temporary leave and he was quick to get on board and fly back home to meet his bundle of joy.

Once in America, this father of two headed straight to the hospital. When his wife saw him entering the room, she was overwhelmed with emotions and was very happy to see him. Foreth couldn’t hide his tears of joy.

As he was holding the baby in his arms, his 2-year-old son entered the room. The little one’s reaction warmed thousands of hearts. At first, he starred at his dad in confusion and then ran towards him and jumped right in his arms.

The boy clearly missed his daddy.

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