Owner secretly films garbage man approaching his dog

When Joshua noticed his dog acting strangely when the garbage man came, he decided to film the pair to find out what was happening.


Whenever the garbage truck pulled up near the house of a man named Joshua Byrne, his dog Shelby would start acting in a strange manner. At first, he thought it could be the sound of the truck that disturbs the animal, but as he gave it a second thought, he realized that whenever Shelby was outside, chained to the post, she could actually reach for the garbage cans. So, it was obvious that her behavior was somehow related to the man behind the truck.

Source: YouTube/ Short Clips

Byrne decided to see what is really going on, so he let Shelby outside at the yard and waited for the garbage man to come pick the trash as he stood at the window filming.

The moment the truck pulled up, Shelby started running towards the garbage man. Byrne’s heart stopped for a second as he was sure his dog would attack the man, but that’s not what happened. Shelby was just overly excited to see her friend who always makes sure to say hi to her and pet her on the head.

Source: YouTube/ Short Clips

Byrne was surprised and happy at the same time. He had no idea of the sweet friendship that was taking place ‘behind his back.’

He was so glad the garbage man treated his dog with so much love that he got outside to thank him.

Since Byrne uploaded the video he took, it became a huge hit on the social media. It has already been seen more than 10.5 million times with people praising the garbage man. One person even wrote, “Dog petting breaks should be mandatory at every job,” and we agree.

Shelby used to be a shelter dog whom the Byrne family adopted. They say that she is making their days a bit better ever since she’s become part of their life.