Orangutan mom giving birth to her first ever baby is caught on camera

I never imagined her baby would cry like a human baby ❤️


The act of giving birth is a true miracle all by itself. Welcoming a living creature into the world speaks joy and unconditional love, and this isn’t only true for humans, but animals as well.

Cameras at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust captured one of the most incredible moments ever. Sumatran orangutan gives birth to her first ever baby. The staff believed this new mom was infertile, but she surprised them all.

She could be seen sucking the baby’s sac before she gives it a hug and embrace it. Once the little bundle of joy is all clean, she takes it in her arms and shows it to her caretakers. Such a lovely moment showing a proud mother.

YouTube: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

The never-before-seen footage of the “miracle birth” was later shared on YouTube. You can take a look at it yourself below.