One Last Christmas For 2 Year Old Terminally Ill Boy, Santa Comes For Him…


It was December 5th and this day was going to be a cherished memory for the family of 2 year old Miles Agnew. Santa made a special trip to the hospital this year for this little boy, he rushed there so he could sit on his knee for the very last time ever!

Sadly Miles has a condition that he was born with called microcephaly, spastic quad cerebral palsy, and cortical vision impairment, brain malformations, and a feeding intolerance.

When Miles was three months old he was adopted by his now parents, Michelle and Sean Agnew, the couple also have two other children Taveon, 11 and Hailey, 13.

Michelle said:

“With the turn in Miles’ health and trying to make more memories as quickly as we can we didn’t think we would be able to do our Santa visit”

When he landed in hospital permanently then Santa came to him and tanks to the Secret Sleigh Project, an organisation that gives Santa visits to children who are very sick, either in hospital or at their homes.

Michelle said:

“I’m sure if Miles could speak, he would have been excited to see Santa”

“Miles was very weak during his Santa visit, unfortunately [but] I think he appreciates it and he would have been pretty excited if he was awake.”

The Secret Sleigh Project Facebook page said:

“The family was grateful to have Santa there and to get pictures with all of their children, one last time”

Over recent years the Agnews have been through the loss of their two youngest children, they had genetic disorders, their names were Mannix and Maggie.

The family really doesn’t assume anything anymore, they are thankful for everything that life give to them, they treasure all their memories with family ever so much more!

Michelle said:

“Although we have had so much heartache in our lives we try our hardest to keep moving forward”

Santa was played by the lovely Jerry Bodily and he treated Miles and his other siblings to an hour long visit, they had pictures together and Miles got to sleep on his Lap.

Jerry said:

“I can’t lie, I got choked up …And there was a tear in Santa’s eye, but this was for this family’s memory”

The whole day was completely special to all involved, especially Michelle and Sean, they are so grateful to those who made those special memories possible.

Michelle said:

“We are so fortunate for all the good times we’ve shared together and are so grateful for the friends, family and medical community that have supported us …Miles is such a special little boy who is very, very loved in our family.”

All our thoughts and prayers are for the family this Christmas!