Olive Garden server helps save two children from alleged child abuse after seeing baby’s face

'I first walked around to the baby. She looked at me with a face that said help.'


Most of us have been brought up to be nice people who wouldn’t snick their noses into other people’s business. And as much as we want our personal space to be respected, we should do the same thing for those around us, especially all the random people we meet every day. But what happens when someone else’s ‘business’ involves law violations and even child endangerment and abuse? In cases like this, we should all get involved without even hesitating a bit.

This is exactly what an Olive Garden’s waitress and a mother-to-be named Jordan Cooper did when she noticed parents treating their daughter with disrespect. Her guts told her there was something more serious hiding behind the act of grabbing her by the shirt and feeding her by force.

The poor girl was around two years old and the way she looked was enough to raise a red flag that she was undergoing an ordeal.

“I can’t even describe to you how bad she looked and how and why nobody noticed it,” Cooper said.

Cooper couldn’t just let whatever it was happening to the girl continue taking place. She needed to get into action and her clever thinking resulted in saving the little girl from her parents who were obviously mistreating her.

In the Facebook post she later deleted, Cooper described the sweet girl’s face as “black and blue all over” and then added how her father would get her into the bathroom whenever she would start complaining or crying.

Luckily, Cooper managed to take a photo of the man and wrote the licence plate number down after she alerted the police of what she witnessed.

The abusive parents ended in the hands of the authorities and jailed.

Aaron Caldwell, the 911 dispatcher who took down the information Cooper provided him with helped in tracking the parent’s car down. Cooper Facebook post was of crucial importance too, because it contained more detail on the incident.

“She put it online and when I found it. It had 1,400 shares,” Caldwell shared with WSIL. “It just so happened that we knew each other and I’m a dispatcher.”

Mark Lee Pierce and Jessica Woodworth, the girl’s parents are facing charges for aggravated child abuse and neglect. The good thing is that the kids are now placed at a safe place.

“I deleted the post but the baby is found and the… parents are in custody,” she wrote. “My heart can now be at rest. Thank you to everyone who helped me find these terrible people!” Cooper wrote.

We should all follow Cooper’s example and speak up whenever we see injustice taking place in front of our eyes.