Newborn baby covered in bug bites found dumped in field in Thailand

We hope this sweet soul gets parents that will love her unconditionally! ❤️


Babies are the greatest blessings in life. Sadly, there are people who don’t cherish these God’s miracles and abandon their bundles of joy instead of providing them with the best life they deserve.

A story of a newborn baby girl dumped in the fields in Ladkrabang, a district in Bangkok, shoke the whole world. This heartbreaking incident took place in May of last year.

It was reported how some local farmers heard baby’s cries later in the night, but believed they were coming from some animals and didn’t get out to check until the next morning. The sight left them in complete shock. The tiny baby girl was all covered in bug bites and it was obvious she was in pain.

It was a real miracle she managed to survive during the night in that field.

The story was picked up by Daily Mail and soon the whole world world knew of that sweet baby and millions prayed for her recovery. The media reported how the little baby was just one day old when she was dumped as her umbilical cord was still untouched.

The baby was rushed to the nearest hospital, Krabang Hospital, where she was given proper care. The police was alerted of the incident and tried locating the parents.

As for the sweet girl, except for the nasty bites, she didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

“We believe that the parents might live nearby the area,” Lieutenant Colonel Samart Klinklao, inspector of Chalong Krung police station said.

“Officers will check around the communities and ask the locals for more details. We will also check the CCTV cameras in the street to find who left the baby there.”

We honestly hope this sweet child will have a happy and fulfilling life with parents that will show her only love.