New Jersey plumber and his family drive over 1,700 miles to fix burst pipes in Texas

Not all heroes wear capes!


Stories about people who are more than willing to lend a helping hand to others, especially nowadays when humanity is struggling to cope with the pandemic, is what gives us hopes for a brighter future.

As the weather gone bad and parts of the country were hit by snow storms, many household were left without power and freezing. You probably remember the story of Texan Raymond Garcia who spent his days fixing people’s pipes. Well, this is yet another uplifting story that will warm your heart.

Andrew Mitchell from New Jersey is an experienced plumber. He knew that his services are much needed in the snow struck areas, and although it meant driving over 25 hours from his hometown to Texas, he was willing to do it. What’s most, he didn’t undertake his mission all by himself. His wife, Kisha Pinnock, and their 2-year-old son Blake made him company. The family loaded their truck with a bunch of tools and headed to Texas.

People from the affected areas wait for weeks before someone comes in and fixes their pipes. In the meantime, they lack running water, which makes normal functioning very hard.

Kisha’s brother, Isaiah Pinnock, who is Andrew’s apprentice, accompanied the family as well.

Source: YouTube / Eyewitness News ABC7NY

Kisha’s sister who lives in Houston made connections with people who were desperately looking for a plumber.

“By the time we got here there was already about four or five jobs lined up from my sister, and we just hit those first and then everything after that has really just been referrals from like the initial customers, like their friends and family,” Kisha said, as per CNN. “Since we’ve been here, it has really been nonstop.”

The family is planning on staying in Texas for at least two more weeks in hopes of helping even more people.

You can check out the whole story in the video below.