Mother who has a backpack leash for her adopted son has a message for those who shame her parenting

"I don’t know why women feel the need to judge and mom shame so often."


Those people who still don’t have children on their own are easy to judge others for their parenting. The truth is that we can never really know what moms and dads out there experience when it comes to their kids.

One mother opens up about her struggles with her adopted child whose parents were drug addicts, and as a result, he was born with an addiction himself. Other than that horrific fact, Rachel Butcher doesn’t know much about her boy’s biological parents. She has no idea whether there were any genetic illnesses running in the family or if there were any other super energetic children related to her son. What she knows is that she loves her boy endlessly and that she has to find ways to cope with his hyperactivity.

In a Facebook post, Rachel wrote that she used to run a lot, but now, due to the scar tissue from her hysterectomy, she can’t walk fast or run, and that is one of the reasons why she has a backpack leash on her son who throws tantrums very often.

Now, she wants to send a message to all those people who stare at her and judge her whenever she is at the store or outside for a walk.

Source: Facebook/ Rachel Butcher

“10 years ago, walking around Disney World, I laughed and cringed at the sight of children on leashes. ‘How can they not control their child?, I’ll never let my child behave that way,'” Rachel wrote. “Yes, I was ‘Karen’ then, but, lets be real, every parent has said that line once or twice BEFORE they had children and ate crow years later.”

She only decided to open up about the situation after a recent visit to Target. After a lot of stares and nasty comments, she decided to leave the store with tears in her eyes and asking herself why so many women feel the need to mom shame so often.

She ended her post writing: “My child isn’t talking yet and we have a communication barrier. He attends occupational and speech therapy and he is THRIVING. He is such a happy, beautiful little boy with A LOT of energy.

“I’m not writing this for pity or sympathy, but more of a public service announcement to kids with leashes. My son does not have a disability, he is a runner. My neighbors know he is a runner, so much so that they chase after him too.

“It takes a village to raise a kid and my village rocks.”

Source: Facebook/ Rachel Butcher

Rachel’s story is truly eye-opening. Whenever we see a child having a meltdown at a public place, we shouldn’t be quick to pass judgments but remember that every family is facing their own struggles and battling their own battles.

Source: Facebook/ Rachel Butcher