7 amazing animal rescue stories involving children

Children and animals make best of friends!


Children and animals make the best of friends. Growing up around a creature, usually a four-legged one, can be great for children. That way, they have a pal by their side and learn how to be responsible from early age.

Below are seven incredible rescue stories in which the heroes who saved the day are young kids.

1. The volunteers at the South Charlotte Dog Rescue in North Carolina were struggling to get to a litter of puppies who somehow got stuck inside an underground drainage ditch. The time was running out and everyone was worried for the outcome and was praying for the little ones’ safety.

Source: Facebook/Danielle Spuler

Then, out the blue, a nine-year-old boy named Rafe Spuler came across the rescue mission and offered to help. In no time, the little boy started crawling inside the tunnel and was able to pull out the puppies to safety one by one. They were taken back to their mom and the entire family was placed in foster care.

2. Animal advocates are those people who do all in their power to be the voice of the voiceless. They stand for the rights of animals of every kind and are changing lives every single day.

One of the youngest animal lovers and advocates that we know of is 6-year-old Zach Ford. Despite his age, this incredible boy is helping the most vulnerable creatures. Some time ago, Zach learned the sad fact that a number of species from around the world are endangered. Unlike many adults, he decided to do something about that. His first mission was to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund and help save the tigers. Believe it or not, with the help of his family and his parents, he raised $150.

Source: Facebook/ Anthony Piovesan

Currently, Zach is involved in raising money for the Bornean orangutan and the Sumatran orangutan, both critically endangered species. Way to go, young man!

3. Most young children enjoy spending time at zoos and animal sanctuaries because they get to meet different species whom they have previously seen only in books and movies.

Well, 3-year-old Ollie Augustus is not one of them. His parents were eager to take him to the Healesville Sanctuary in Australia, but the day didn’t go as planned. Instead of getting excited for meeting the animals, Ollie got really concerned for them. He dubbed the staff working at the sanctuary “not nice people” and explained that all those animals “just want to be free.”

What a clever boy.

4. 6-year-old Mia Rabii was taking a walk with her mom when they noticed a group of people gathered around a duck. It turned out that this poor mamma’s ducklings fell into a drainage pipe. The people tried pulling the babies out, but the pipe was way too narrow for them to be able to fit their hands inside.

Luckily, Mia’s hands fit just perfectly. In no time, this brave young lady pulled each of the ducklings out and everyone was very thankful to her, especially the worried mommy duck.

5. India is a country with a lot of stray animals. And as we all know, the life on the streets is an everyday struggle for these creatures. They are left all by themselves and are forces to look for food and shelter every single day.

And as not many people are interested in solving the problem, a 9-year-old boy named Neal Batra, from Gurgaon, India, decided to take matters in his own hands.

Source: Hindustan Times

In order to be able to buy food for the homeless dogs, Neal is selling his comic books. So far, he has sold around 60 of them, including Archie, Jungle Book and Pokemon, and has raised around $30 dollars.

In the future, Neal is planning on baking and selling cookies in order to be able to raise money for the dogs.

6. The Polar Bear Walk to School Day then 7-year-old Sean Hutton did caught the attention of many media outlets and even the World Wildlife Fund. He wanted to raise awareness about the polar bears and nailed it. Over the years, more than 500 students joined Sean for the annual Polar Bear Walk to School Day.

Source: WWF Canada

We are very proud of Neal for trying to make a change.

7. One man snapped the most incredible photo of his 11-year-old neighbor and a blind deer taking a walk towards the grass patches together. As it turned out, the boy made friends with the animal and helped him find its path to food before he would go to school.

Although the man believed this was one of the most incredible bonds between a human and a wild animal, he had to call an animal rescue group. They came for the deer and took it to a wildlife preserve.

The photo gathered the attention of a huge number of people.

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