Mother asks if she’s wrong to turn away uninvited child from her daughter’s birthday party

Other parents at the party found it to be quite rude and said the kid should have been allowed to stay.


People share a lot of things on Reddit. Often times, they feel the urge to ask fellow Redditors about something they did. It’s like they are asking for some sort of approval for their actions, but they don’t always get one.

One mother shared what happened at her daughter’s birthday party recently. Namely, she organized a very fun event for the guests, where each of the children invited would get a craft kit so that they could build things together. It was a pre-paid event and she made sure every parent understood that the number of kids was limited. She made sure they knew no extra kids were allowed to attend the party.

This is how the post started. “I’m am a mother of 3 and as with most parents I’m sure, you’ve attended many birthday parties and had the misfortune of seeing that one parent who always drops their kids off and leaves without considering that not all the children were invited. Sometimes more than one parent does this and honestly, I think it’s selfish. If it had been prearranged with the hosting family then sure alls well but often times it’s not. Who would say no to a child? After all, it’s not their fault.”

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Well, as it turned out, one parent brought both of their kids to the party. One of them was on the invite list, and the other one wasn’t. When she realized the parent was planning on leaving both kids there, the mother writing the post told the parent that child B couldn’t stay and asked them to take it back home.

Hearing that, the uninvited child threw tantrum and started crying and yelling. Despite that, the mother didn’t allow the child to be part of her daughter’s birthday party.

“I stuck to it and firmly told parent that child B could not come. I still stuck to my decision when child B threw the biggest tantrum, parent made no move to calm but instead blamed me for saying no, and ‘all the other parents always let both children attend,'” the mother wrote.

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“Now had this been a small at-home event then sure I probably wouldn’t have made the fuss, grit my teeth, and dealt with my private feelings on the matter. But this was a paid per child event and it’s hardly fair to child A or B that they would have to share a craft pack,” she continued her post.

The parent who brought both the kids got angry and decided to leave the party with both the children.

Another mother who witnessed the incident approached the mom writing the post and told her she should let the extra child attend the party, but she wouldn’t listen. “I feel teaching my children the value of your word and sticking to it is more important that sparing the feelings of a child and parent who should know better,” the mother concluded the post.

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Some Reddit users slammed the mother, but there were also those who were supportive of her decision.

“Now those rude parents in the group will know you are NOT the one. I’m sure they’ll think twice before trying to dump extra kids on other parents too. Kids parties can add up, expense-wise, so I understand your irritation,” wrote one. Another added, “Happens often. Usually, that same parent is then the one who arrives late to pick up their kids from the party. Super inconvenient.”

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