Man helps pregnant horse deliver her baby

When a mother meets her baby for the first time, the moment is truly magical. There is nothing else like it!


The process of giving birth is a miracle all by itself. And no matter if the mother is a human or an animal, the love and affection they feel for their bundles of joy is completely the same.

The moment the mother lays eyes on her baby for the first time is a precious memory to be hold and cherished forever.

In the video below, we witness the extraordinary moment of a mare giving birth to a baby foal.

However, she’s not left all by herself. Her owner is by her side during the process and helps deliver the little one. He also helps the foal get out of the amniotic sac.

Once out, the man introduces the baby to its mother. Her initial reaction is to lick it, and that’s the same as hugging and kissing.

The man then helps the foal stand on its shaky legs before he lets it run around its mother.

What a beautiful thing to witness. It is true when they say that mother’s love for her children is unmatched.

If you want to witness the miracle of birth go to the video below.