Mommy cat snitches crying kitten from girl’s arms

A video worth a million smiles!


We all know just how much young children love animals. And that is exactly the case with the sweet girl from the video below. She’s holding a baby kitten in her hands as her parents film the bonding. However, there someone else in the room who’s not really happy with the sight, the kitten’s mommy.

As the cat hears the little one “crying” and probably feeling not that comfortable in her human sibling’s hands, she rushes to take it. The girl, however, refuses to let go of the kitten, and even tries to escape, but the cat mother doesn’t quit easily.

After a couple of tries, she has her baby with her, leaving the girl crying for her tiny friend.

The video put a smile on million people’s faces, and we are sure you will love it too. Well, at the end of the day, a mother is a mother, no matter if she’s a human or an animal.