Mommy cat melts the hearts of 17 million people when she meets a tiny newborn puppy

The mama cat didn't quite understand what this tiny creature was, but she knew she had to take care of it.


The mother’s instinct is one of the strongest there are. No matter if they are humans, dogs, cats, or other species, a mother is a mother and she’ll always go above and beyond for her kids.

What one mommy cat did when she was introduced to a newborn puppy is truly powerful and heart-melting. As she was staying in a cardboard box together with her tiny kittens, a woman carrying the little puppy approached closer. The cat seemed pretty confused at first and was looking around not knowing what was going on.

Source: YouTube/ LundKids

In the next moment, the cat started sniffing the “strange creature” and someone in the background could be heard saying: “Look, she wants it.” And yes, the mommy was actually thrilled for the newest member of her family. The squealing pup was also confused, but once the woman put it down inside the box it stopped crying and felt secure.

Source: YouTube/ LundKids

What followed was lovely indeed. The cat mommy made a room for the puppy and took it in her embrace along with her babies.

The video which teaches us that love conquers all has been seen over 17 million times and has a huge number of comments from people who find it fascinating.

Source: YouTube/ LundKids

“I love how the cat just had the natural instinct to take care of the little puppy even though she understands it’s not a cat. She just recognized he was small and fragile so she wanted to take care of it,” is just one of the comments.

Source: YouTube/ LundKids

You can take a look at it below.