In life sometimes you build emotional walls to protect yourself, like when you have a child with autism, you also protect your child, and like any mother would, you try to protect your children from the harshness of the world, any child, after all, has to go through difficulties, especially an autistic child.

There a lot of children who are challenged with autism to different degrees and who have difficulties with their grades in school, Ben Twist is one of these children, at 11 years old he has his difficulties too!

Gail, Ben’s Mom had the biggest surprise to find out that Ben’s school had sent a letter home with him when he failed his school SAT tests.

His Mom was sure the letter would be to say that her son was required to reassess his work and do it once more, however, the letter was quite different to her expectations!

Ben, even considering his test scores, was hugely encouraged by the teachers from the Lansbury Bridge High School & Sports College, a place especially for students with special needs, based in Saint Helens, Merseyside.

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Mrs Clarkson, one of Ben’s teachers really relayed how incredibly much she believes he is capable of and what skills she thinks are his strong points in a touching letter!

She Wrote:

“Dear Ben, I am writing you to congratulate you on your attitude and success in completing your end of key stage SATs. Gil, Lynn, Angela, Steph and Anne have worked so well with you this year and you have made some fabulous progress. I have written to you and your parents to tell you the results of the tests. A very important piece of information I want you to understand is that these tests only measure a little bit of you and your abilities. They are important and you have done so well, but Ben Twist is made up of many other skills and talents that we at Lansbury Bridge see and measure in other ways.”

The letter really was pulling at Gail’s heartstrings, she didn’t expect a letter like this at all!

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The teacher, Mrs Clarkson, continued by listing everything that Ben was good at and his skills, the sorts of things that most tests don’t or can’t test for.

She went on to say:

“Other talents you have that these tests do not measure include: -Your artistic talents, your ability to work in a team, your growing independence, your kindness, your ability to express your opinion, your abilities in sports, your ability to make and keep friends, your ability to discuss and evaluate your own progress, your design and building talents, and your musical ability. We are so pleased that all of these different talents and abilities make you the special person you are and these are all of the things we measure to reassure us that you are always making progress and continuing to develop as a lovely, bright young man. Well done Ben, we are very proud of you. Best Wishes, Mrs. Clarkson”

Ben couldn’t even consider feeling down about his failed test because his teacher’s list of his skills completely dispelled those thoughts, in fact, Mrs Clarkson is a real expert as seeing the special skills her student’s posses!

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Don’t you think we need more teachers like this? The kind of teachers that really bring the best out of their students, easily and without any effort at all; Let’s hope too that Ben sees what He can Achieve in life!

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