Mom loses it over incredible dance routine on “Sexy And I Know It” by dad and kids

This makes me burst out laughing whenever I watch it!


Having children is a real blessing, but sometimes, having five of them sounds like a blessing mixed with trouble. But not for this awesome dad who is in charge of his two boys and the triplets he takes care of. Although it looks like he’s got a lot on his plate, this superdad does an extraordinary job and he’s always fun to be around.

This time, he and his little gang created a video that has millions laughing in hysterics. Especially dads from all around the country who can relate to the struggles of bringing that many children up. This perfect parody of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” called “I’m A Daddy And I Know it” will definitely make your day.

It features the family and how their days look like. The mommy is the mastermind behind this hilarious routine and we are certain these children will have a lot to be thankful for when they grow up.

You can watch the video below. We bet that making memories has never been more fun, don’t you agree?