Mom leaves 10-year-old son locked in a filthy apartment with no food or water for eight days

The scared and starved boy screamed for help until neighbors finally heard him.


A heartbreaking story of a boy abandoned by his own mother for eight days in a cockroach infested apartment with no water or electricity comes from Moscow, Russia.

10-year-old Mikhail was starved and scared, but he still defended his mother. Namely, when she left the place, she told her boy she would take the dog for a walk, but it wasn’t until eight days later that she finally decided to get back home and check on Mikhail.

He didn’t have anything to eat. There was only dry rice in the house that he couldn’t possibly cook, so he was forced to call for help with the remaining strength. The neighbors heard the cries and managed to lower some food to him from the above balcony, but didn’t call the authorities because Mikhail begged them not to. They, however, waited for another day and then called the police. It was five days that the boy spent locked and alone. He was taken to the hospital for a check-up and his mother got home three days after her son was saved.

“I cannot imagine how the child managed to survive five days there,” said a neighbor, Dmitry, who witnessed the officers braking the door to the filthy apartment. “There are a lot of cockroaches, flies everywhere, an appalling smell.”

31-year-old Natalya Azarenkova refused to tell the authorities where she was for eight days and why she left her son locked and untended. She now faces prison time and being separated from Mikhail for good. However, she believes she’s not guilty of endangering her boy’s life and was reported to have said: “I need my son, I want to fix everything.”