Firefighters help deliver a healthy baby girl on Christmas Eve

These firefighters are heroes in every sense of the word.


Just another proof that Christmas is the time of miracles and of wishes come true is this sweet story that comes from Houston.

On Christmas Eve, a mom and dad-to-be were eagerly waiting for their child to arrive into the world. However, after the woman’s water broke and they called an ambulance to help her get to the hospital, things turned a bit worrying. Namely, the weather was pretty bad and the temperatures reached 4 degrees Celsius, so the couple wasn’t sure whether they would make it there on time or not.

Luckily, the firefighters from the Houston department were the first to arrive in the home of the expecting couple. As the bundle of joy couldn’t wait to meet her parents, the firefighters decided it would be for the best if they deliver the baby in the house.

At exactly 10:22 p.m. on Christmas Eve, the mom and dad received the greatest gift of all. Their little girl was born healthy.

The photo of the heroic firefighters and the proud parents was soon shared on the department’s Twitter and people were fast to comment how it was one of the cutest photos ever, with one person writing: “Excellent! Super proud of HFD!” Another person added: “Awesome HPD! Congratulations, what a blessing. Would love to date one of those guys.”

We are happy for the couple and we would love to congratulate them on the new addition to the family. If Santa was about to pick a present for them, he wouldn’t have picked a better one himself.