Mom is pregnant with quintuplets and gives birth like a real hero

Her belly was all covered in bruises.


A great number of couples who are struggling to conceive turn to medicine in order to be able to become parents. Such was the case with Guillermina Garcia and her husband Fernando who welcomed a baby daughter but wanted to have more children. They didn’t want their girl to grow up as a single child and desperately wished to give her a sibling, but things didn’t go as smooth as they predicted.

After trying for some time without success, they decided to undergo an IVF treatment. Of course, they were aware this treatment could lead to falling pregnant with twins but they were willing to welcome as many babies as God would gift them with.

When the pregnancy test came positive, Guillermina was over the moon. Some weeks later, she was told she was indeed carrying more than one baby but not in their wildest dreams could this couple imagine they would welcome quintuplets.

Hearing five separate heartbeats was the most thrilling sound this couple has ever heard.

As multiple pregnancy are way more complex than single pregnancies, Guillermina was under the supervision of Doctor Elizabeth O’Brien until the five bundles of joy were finally welcomed into the world at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. The little ones were delivered through C-section at 31 and a half weeks.

Before the procedure, Guillermina’s belly was all covered in bruises which isn’t unusual when carrying that many babies.

Luckily, all five of the siblings were born perfectly healthy and weighted between 2 and 3 pounds each. “It all went very smoothly, better than one would anticipate,” Dr. O’Brien said during a press conference. ”They are all doing remarkably well.”

Fernando, Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa and Jordan spent six weeks at the hospital before they were ready to go home to their parents and their one-year-old sister Julietta.

“We feel like we’re dreaming,” dad Fernando said in an interview. “It’s incredible that we have five.”

One of Guillermina’s doctors, Tracy Manuck, praised the brave mother and said that despite everything, she never complained about anything.

The five siblings are now nine years old. May Gob bless them and their family.