Couple gets a huge surprise after being told their family couldn’t get any bigger because of medical reasons

Their story made headlines!


Joani and Trevion Clemons, a couple from Atlanta, Georgia, made headlines after their incredible life story went viral some years ago.

These two first met and fell in love with each other when they were still just teenagers but they both knew they were meant for one another. After tying the knot, they welcomed four beautiful daughters together.

Source: YouTube

Although their family of six seemed complete, the Clemons wanted more children. However, once Joani was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to conceive again.

Nine years after welcoming their youngest child, Joani felt a lump in her breast and visited a doctor. However, she never expected the visit to take such an unexpected turn.

“I went in because breast cancer runs in our family and I had a lump in my breast,” Joani told WSBTV. “That’s when [the doctor] told me that was a milk gland.”

The doctor who once told her she couldn’t get pregnant was the same one who gave her the happy news.

The real surprise came after Joani’s ultrasound. She wasn’t carrying one baby, but three. The pregnancy came with certain complications, but at the end everything went well and Joani gave birth to three healthy baby boys who were born three weeks prematurely. They weighted around 3 pounds each and needed to stay at the hospital for 10 long weeks before they went home.

The family of six turned into a family of nine. Devon, Bryce and Miles are now all grown up but it’s always nice to go back to their story and see how they are doing nowadays.