Mom gave birth through a caesarean section, but her stomach started shaking

The incident shook the entire country of Jordan.


Giving birth is a miraculous process all by itself and every mother out there has her worries and wonders if her child would be delivered safely.

A woman from Jordan, 36-year-old Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The delivery took place at a private hospital in the capital of the country, Amman. She couldn’t wait to hold her bundle of joy and spend all the time by his side.

Unfortunately, shortly after she was released from hospital, she started experiencing excruciating pain. She claimed that she could feel something vibrating inside her stomach. Hanan wasn’t able to make a single move without experiencing severe pain, as reported by the Dubai daily Gulf News, which cited Jordanian media.

Hanan’s mother, Ms. Majeda Abdul Hamid, took her daughter back to the hospital where Hanan gave birth, but doctors didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. Not knowing what to do, the family took Hanan to a state hospital. When doctors did an X-ray, they were left in complete shock. Inside the mother’s stomach there was a mobile phone. According to reports, it belonged to the gynecologists who performed the C-section on Hanan.

Hanan underwent urgent surgery and the phone was taken out of her stomach.

However, the incident gathered media attention and it led to members of parliament to demand the government to step down following this outrageous scandal. They believed that the government needed to take responsibility for what was going on in the private hospitals of the country.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health indicated that the account provided by Hanan was “groundless and falsified,” but that the ministry is closely monitoring the situation.

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