Mom forced to give up her son for adoption – 18 years went on, her daughter tells her to turn around at the restaurant

That was the most heart-touching moment.


Leaving a child behind has to be the toughest decision a parent has to make. The reasons why some parents decide to put their bundles of joy up for adoption are various. From not being able to take care of them because of poverty, to giving birth at very young age, some are forced to let go of their children because they believe that that way the little ones would get a better chance of having a decent life and receive proper education, a secure home, and better living conditions in general.

A mother named Tammy Oswalt made the decision to give her son Dylan to another family right after he was born. Saying goodbye to the little person she gave birth to was hard, but she felt it was for the best.

Over the years, she couldn’t stop thinking of him and her heart broke every time she reminded herself of her decision to put him up for adoption.

“He deserved a family with two loving parents, a stable home and everything else I couldn’t provide at the time,” the heartbroken mother said. “Since Dylan’s birth, I had essentially hated myself. It tore me up daily — wondering where he was, how he was, and if he hated me.”

Later in life, Tammy gave birth to another child, a daughter named Sammy.

Sammy knew she had a brother and wanted to meet him, but tracking him down was way harder than she thought. However, what she and Tammy didn’t know was that Dylan was as eager to meet his biological mother as they were.

Dylan managed to learn that Tammy was the mother he was looking for. One day, he contacted her through Facebook and wrote to her, “How are you, Mom?”

Recalling this moment, Tammy said, “The first time I saw that he’d called me Mom, all my fears just dissipated. I couldn’t believe it. I was so overwhelmed that I just burst into tears.”

Sammy and Dylan decided to surprise their mother on her birthday. Well, it was the surprise of a lifetime, second to none.

“Seeing how happy and emotional my biological mom was when she saw me just felt incredible. I feel more complete now in a sense. No longer is there a whole side to my life that I wonder or don’t know about,” Dylan said.

We are so happy these mother and son were able to reconnect after almost two decades.

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