Mom shares 5-year-old son’s adorable day care pickups and now everyone is crying

Tisa Sinclair shared a video of her son's reactions to being picked up from day care between the ages of 7 months and 5 years, and our hearts are melting.


Welcoming a child into your life has to be one of the most emotional moments there are. Watching the little one grow and reach milestones is what every parent dreams of, but when the moment comes for moms and dads to get back to work and leave the little one with a babysitter or at the day care, it is always overwhelming.

A mom from Washington D.C., Tisa Sinclair, experienced exactly that. She had a hard time returning to work after giving birth, but watching her baby’s reaction to her going to the day care to pick him up made her days a bit brighter.

From the moment sweet Jaxon Winder started attending daycare at just 7 months old, until today, when he’s five years old, Tisa recorded every reaction he made when he noticed her coming to get him home from day care. Believe it or not, as this sweet boy grew up, his cute reaction remained the same.

Tisa decided to make a short compilation and share it with her friends on social media after the video was set to Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Speaking to Today Parents, Tisa said: “When I went back to work, it was really hard because I missed him terribly.

“But I knew everything was going to be OK the first time I picked him up and saw that smile.”

The video has melted millions of hearts as it has been seen by 2.3 million people on Twitter alone. “Seeing his smile is the best part of my day,” the proud mom said. “I know it’s corny, but everything that’s wrong just melts away as soon as I see him.”

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